Where’s the Latest Version?

<< It's difficult to find out which is the latest release and where to download. Please put a link on the main site to the actual version and update the Sourceforge page. >>

We’re working on it. It’s harder than it seems because Linux package maintainers are retiring, both from CinePaint specifically and also in general from open source. The packaging effort is significant and getting harder to do with volunteers.

It takes a whole team of people to make all the platforms and distros work. We’ve been without a Debian packager, but it looks like help is on the way. A Debian packager I met at Open Source Days in Copenhagen last week says he’ll help.


  1. This is amazing. Just how much time does it take to check if the release builds on one or two systems and then release source code tarball?

    Can we, users, *please* have source code for 0.25.0 when it’s out? I don’t mind DMGs floating around, but Cinepaint isn’t worth investing in a whole new Mac so far.

    When we have a released source code tarball, we can ask packagers to make binary builds. When we have no source code packages, we have nothing but old 0.22.

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