What’s Next for CinePaint CMS?

Joel Cornuz posted a note on his Linux Photography blog about CinePaint CMS.

Image courtesy U.S. Air Force

I love that Joel wants a call to action. Unfortunately, a couple of Joel’s assumptions aren’t quite right.

> color management will be disabled in Cinepaint.

That CMS is being disabled in CinePaint in special cases is true, but that’s not to suggest it’s being disabled generally. You can always compile it from source.

I made a decision to scale back on the ambition of what we try to get into the next Debian release, to not commit to getting third-party packages included in this go. It’s a Debian decision, not a CMS decision.

> it would be cool to have someone willing to help and support Oyranos in Debian

Nobody is saying I can’t get a Debian maintainer to help. What we lack is a volunteer to prep 3rd-party libs for Debian.

> Kai-Uwe Behrmann decided to leave the project.

Kai-Uwe is continuing to be supportive off-list. As CMS questions arise, I’m forwarding those emails to him. His latest notes, that I posted here on Friday, are certainly helpful.

> a chance to see Kai-Uwe back to the project (yeah!)

Kai-Uwe will come back when he’s ready.

Kai-Uwe has been active in CinePaint for five years. That’s longer than anyone should expect from a volunteer. People get burned out or have other things they need to do in their lives. Kai-Uwe’s dedication should not be tested with a plea he toil tirelessly another five years. We need to be thankful for what he’s already done.

Someone else needs to step up.

An issue we face going forward is CMS was always Kai-Uwe’s realm. We need documentation of how CMS works now in CinePaint, with notes what it should do in the future. Beyond that simple task, someone will need to lead CinePaint CMS, to work with our users, me, Kai-Uwe and Debian.

Who will step up?

Love you guys,


  1. Robin, you mentioned about the financial support needed to get Cinepaint really going. Since I will always feel that lack of good high end photo editing as well as video editing apps, is gonna keep Linux users dependent on Windows and Apple. Since you know some of the guys at ILM, Dreamworks, etc. Wouldn’t it be nice if they, the companies themselves, could contribute some money to your project. Or do they rather see professionals using Windows and Macs for high end apps.

  2. Hi Robin!

    I’m pacified seeing this post of yours 🙂

    Shortly after re-discovering CinePaint, getting Spyder2 (yesterday) after finding it works with Argyll, I was disturbed a bit seeing the post at ‘Linux Photography’ blog.

    I’m still doing my 1st steps in CMS world and will try Cinepaint-0.25 soon, so, hopefully, we’lll be able to help documenting CMS in Cinepaint.

    Fortunately, CinePaint is in official Arch Linux repo, so nice reason for deflection from Deian 😀


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