What’s New with CinePaint

Windows development, GUI improvements and weekly progress reports

By Robin Rowe

HOLLYWOOD, CA (CinePaint.org) 2013/3/23 – Thank you to all who have sent me words of encouragement and CinePaint suggestions by email. I appreciate everyone who has continued to believe in CinePaint, who may consider Adobe Photoshop great, but can’t accept it as being the best possible tool for a production workflow.

CinePaint is special because it is intended for film production and was created by studio technologists. Those who write suggesting CinePaint merge with another open source project don’t get that. We have bigger goals. CinePaint isn’t just an image editor.

I make my money mainly from game software development. I get to work on exciting technology, but it’s the nature of being a Hollywood studio technologist that every project is urgent and mission critical. Waiting until the next time I’m between projects seemed a good plan. Then I’d have time to focus on CinePaint. I see now that there may not be any in-between time soon with my projects. Time for a new plan.

First, expect frequent progress updates like this one at www.cinepaint.org, so that everyone knows that the project is alive, even if progress is slow.

Everyone wants the GUI to be better in CinePaint. What I’ll be working on next is improvements to the CinePaint GUI. The Windows platform is what I primarily use in my day job. I use Visual C++ to develop code that runs on Windows, Linux, FreeBSD and Mac OS X. Although working in Windows, I’m not going to put out a Windows build until it’s ready. I want to release on Linux first.

I will show new CinePaint screenshots next week.

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  1. Robin, I really appreciate your work behind cinepaint. I do not know coding but I can help with testing – least I can participate with something.
    I was waiting for a windows release, or update of a windows release in January , can you give an approximate release date for Linux – this look like will be first.

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