Testing WP to Twitter

The WP to Twitter plug-in is now configured to automatically tweet new posts to www.twitter.com/cinepaint.

CinePaint Twitter fans include…

  • Cassaundra PayneCassaundraPayne Cassaundra Payne
  • Julie BishopJuliePstuts Julie Bishop – I play with #photoshop all day long, I can’t leave it alone. Currently putting all the videos on one handy site.http://www.topicsx.info/photoshoptutorials/
  • Xaxxon Technologiesxaxxontech Xaxxon Technologies – Tweets by Colin Adamson, Chief Imaginator at Xaxxon Technologies — Developing and manufacturing affordable, open-source robotic devices
  • Aydin CoskunAydin916 Aydin Coskun – UNIX/Linux ninja, husband of an angel, daddy of blessing, avid motorcycle rider and have great desire to meet and connect with new people. Now tell me about u!
  • Francesco Arestafra_aresta Francesco Aresta – Commercial photographer – Photoshop instructor Site: http://www.francescoaresta.com | Tuts:http://tutorials.francescoaresta.comhttp://gplus.to/francescoaresta
  • D Deansdd_opco D Deans – I am the other person who thought The Tick was hilarious. Right-brainer. Who enjoys Video, Animation, Photography & Theatre.
  • Carlos Valenzuelacarlosvalret777 Carlos Valenzuela – Comunicador Audiovisual. Licenciado en Cine Documental. Location Manager. Matero. Made in Chile
  • Khairul bashar AbirKbabir Khairul bashar Abir – Have interest in opensource, animating, vfx work, programming. Have a lot of plan about these. Trying, forgetting(Ha Ha Ha) and trying again. See what happen.
  • Kamalkamalx Kamal – 3D/CG artist/web designer with Eficacy Designs

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