Preparations for 0.25.0 Release

CinePaint 0.25.0 builds in CVS. Would like to release this week. We’ll see.

The new version compiles with GTK2 as default. Several people are helping to get CinePaint ready for Debian. When GTK1 was dropped by Debian, that dropped the CinePaint deb, too. Since Ubuntu is based on Debian, CinePaint fell out there too. FYI, I’m building CinePaint on Xubuntu as my current distro.

Kai-Uwe has done a great job adding GTK2 support and revising the autotools files. Work on the FLTK port of CinePaint hasn’t stopped, but is slow. I work on it when I have free time, which isn’t often. I need to find a way to fund my time in CinePaint.

I overhauled the Download instructions at Lots of new info there on how to get, build, distribute and debug CinePaint. To help several new people who joined the project recently, I’ve written bash scripts to automate build tasks.

  1. Thank you for the great job all of you have done for cinepaint. It’s light years ahead of that “g*mp” thingy (which incidentally, had stalled)

    Was a user of cinepaint long, long time ago (4 years??) and am planning to get my hand dirty again. 🙂

    Anyway, thanks again for the great job from the cinepaint team !

  2. As a professional photographer and writer I would love to put CinePaint to the test.

    Just written about my experiences trying out Ubuntu as a platform for for a pro photographer in my blog.

    I know nothing about programming, or much about Linux and from what I understand CinePaint is not available under Ubuntu. So looking forward to the next release.

    All the best,

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