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CinePaint Thanks Locate My Name

Locate My Name maps names across countries and regions

By Robin Rowe

HOLLYWOOD, CA ( 2013/3/23 – CinePaint welcomes Locate My Name as a sponsor. At you search on a name and it shows how it’s distributed across the country and the world. Charts, statistics and tops are available. Useful for finding origins of names, curiosity, entertainment and genealogy research.

Currently the USA, Canada, France, Italy, Romania, UK are fully covered. The rest of Europe and parts of South America are partially covered. Locate My Name says they’re about to add data for Australia, Asia and African countries.

Check out your name for free at

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What’s New with CinePaint

Windows development, GUI improvements and weekly progress reports

By Robin Rowe

HOLLYWOOD, CA ( 2013/3/23 – Thank you to all who have sent me words of encouragement and CinePaint suggestions by email. I appreciate everyone who has continued to believe in CinePaint, who may consider Adobe Photoshop great, but can’t accept it as being the best possible tool for a production workflow.

CinePaint is special because Continue reading

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CinePaint for Animation Q&A

A reader asks what’s coming for animators in the next CinePaint version

By Robin Rowe

LONDON, UK (CinePaint) 2012/12/28 – Many people write me with questions or suggestions for CinePaint. Here are some great questions from a user about how the next CinePaint could work better for 2-D animators.

Q: I have been reading the docs on the website trying to find the answer to some things related to the creation of animation. I’m a Windows user interested in the coming release. At the end of the day, I’m looking for a bitmap-based program that will allow me to paint frames with an anti-aliased, circular brush whose opacity is linked to tablet pressure.

A: What you describe is what’s planned. CinePaint already has a flipbook and brushes and tablet support, so it shouldn’t be a big enhancement to accommodate what you want. While CinePaint almost does it now, many things need to work better for it to be a tool truly useful to animators. For example it doesn’t hold its frame rate on playback (may go faster or slower than 24fps), doesn’t sync sound, doesn’t reorder frames easily and doesn’t renumber frames automatically.

Q: CinePaint needs to be able to playback the animation at 24 FPS without me having to export it. Will it? The GIMP animation plugin requires a Continue reading

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CinePaint in London, After GLLUG

After CinePaint presentation at GLLUG, what’s next?

By Robin Rowe

LONDON, UK ( 2012/12/10 – Gabrielle Pantera and I spoke at GLLUG this week and heard interesting feedback from the audience on the direction CinePaint may take. This was at the Mozilla Firefox space in London.

There were two presentations before us at GLLUG. Luke Leighton spoke about the Rhombus-Tech Project and the significant challenges getting Android SoC devices in compliance with the GPL. Every Android device is customized and Chinese chip makers generally consider themselves beyond the reach of the GPL. Leighton did report limited success, that one device had been open sourced with dramatic results in increasing its popularity. Hopefully, that precedent will encourage other chip makers to open source.

Andrew Lack spoke at GLLUG about his TinyBasic project for Raspberry Pi. Lack described the many improvements he’d made to an abandoned BASIC interpreter he’d revived and extended to support the Palo Alto BASIC dialect. While I was talking with Leighton before the talks, he pointed out that the graphics subsystem of the Raspberry Pi is not open source and because the GPU boots that device, it makes that entire system more closed than most people realize. Open hardware isn’t easy.

In discussing CinePaint at GLLUG, a challenge I noticed is that Continue reading

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CinePaint Presentation at GLLUG London on Dec. 8th

Presented by the Greater London Linux Users Group, CinePaint project leader Robin Rowe and his partner Gabrielle Pantera will talk about Linux in the film industry and CinePaint. Linux is the #1 operating system for feature animation and visual effects. It’s used by all the major studios for making blockbuster films. CinePaint is the second most popular image editing software in the film industry after Photoshop.

December 8th, 2012, Saturday, 12:30pm to 1pm
Mozilla Space London
101 St. Martins Lane

Map. Nearest tube is Leicester Square on the Piccadilly and Northern Line.

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