Oyranos CinePaint CMS Notes

Kai-Uwe’s notes how to use Oyranos with CinePaint in response to QA report from Fabien:

See oyranos-monitor:


You can use this command line tool for setting up your Argyll or other monitor profiles. CinePaint will use a previously set profile automatically. CinePaint must therefore link against Oyranos and Oyranos must be switched on in the colour management tab in the preferences dialog.

Oyranos-config-fltk does not yet handle monitors.

Fabien’s QA notes from his installation of CinePaint CMS:

1. Argyll was installed from source and was not detected by Cinepaint configure.

2. After installing Oyranos, the choice list of icc profiles worked while using the “assign” and “convert with” icc profile functions.

3. How do I tell Oyranos to use the calibration icc profile of my LCD screen (which I made with Argyll) for displaying images?

4. What is stranger is that disabling Oyranos in Cinepaint, and configure the profiles the older way does not solve the problem.

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