New IOL plug-in

FYI. A new IOL plug-in from Stephen Geary. Available as a patch in the CinePaint SF project. Not in the CinePaint release, yet.

From: Stephen Geary
To: Robin Rowe


I emailed quite some time ago about developing IOL. I’ve now got some code
for anyone who wants to have a look.

Basically I’ve taken IOL and extended it quite a bit. Hopefully the
plug-in is faster, although direct comparisons with the original are hard, as the new version simply does things the old one could not.

There is also a small application to build an SCM (Script-Fu) wrapper for
IOL scripts, including menu entry and parameter passing.

I’ve attached a Gzip’d Tar file with sources and examples.

The main features that the new IOL ( IOL7 ) now supports are :

1.) Parameters – the scripts can now accept parameters e.g. from script-fu via the plug-in

2.) Better support for HSV, HSL and a poor-man’s CIE-LABtransforms

3.) Improved (?) internals for hopefully faster operations

4.) Initialization, looping and multiple pass scripts.

5.) Instructions to automate and speed up linear transforms.

6.) Support for 5 precision types ( U8, U16, FLOAT, BFP and FLOAT16).

Anyhow, you can see if you can (a) get it compiled ( only tried on my own
Linux system so far ) and (b) find it useful.

Feedback welcome.

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