MacIntel CinePaint 0.23 released

MacIntel CinePaint 0.23 released. This is a native Aqua version based on GTK+OSX, not X11, not GTK2. Our first release as a Mac DMG disk image. Easy drag-n-drop installation or run as is, where is. A vast improvement in CinePaint Mac packaging, based on a makefile by Remko Tronçon. MacIntel build by Tom Huffman.

Fedora RPM Released

Sudirikku Mohanjith created a bleeding edge Fedora CinePaint rpm that I released on SourceForge. This is newer than official Fedora CinePaint package.

CinePaint at NAB

SpectSoft is hosting the "All Things Linux" meeting on Wednesday, April 16th, at NAB.

CinePaint HDR Article

Creation of HDR Images in CinePaint (also in German) article by Hartmut Sbosny.

Google Adsense

Added Google AdSense advertising to per suggestion by Danut Haiduc.

Linux Format Article and GIMP Reaction

I’m on the April cover of Linux Format magazine UK, interview about the CinePaint project.

Bizarrely, here’s a troll on the Freedesktop CREATE list by the GIMP clique in reaction to my Linux Format interview. It’s been six years since I noticed the forgotten Film Gimp code branch in GIMP CVS and released it myself. They’re still mad at me. They’re still posting hate mail.

Freshmeat and SourceForge News Updated

Updated our outdated Freshmeat and SF News pages after Rob Lingelbach noticed those were years out of date.

  1. I’m a Computer Graphics researcher and your efforts have my total support. All you are doing a very nice work.

    I’m developing from scratch a new free software for drawing, composing, retouching, authoring, filtering, effects, etc.

    I started my studies/researches about HDR/CMS and I plan to release some nice tools for HDR processing in my software.

    Could you put me in contact with somebody of your team who deals with HDR/CMS development directly? I’m talking about dealing with file formats and related stuff.

    My excuses for any inconvenience.

    Thanks in advance.

  2. C’mon guys let’s knock it off…
    What we need is some good software, put your energy into that…

  3. From your comments, everyone understands now where you’re coming from and what your philosphy is. Nobody is confused by the facts.

  4. “In 2003 CinePaint didn’t have internationalization.”

    Exactly why I requested it back in that time and proposed RU translation.

    “Your 2005 post to CinePaint-dev:”

    Again, I never posted to this list intentionally. Sure, I could use Reply To All. But then it means that you allow anyone post to this list without subscribing to it, therefore any ML policy is not my problem.

    The topic of that mail has nothing in common with i18n or l10n, especially with my i18n request.

    What are you trying to prove by juggling with facts?

  5. In 2003 CinePaint didn’t have internationalization. Doing an RU translation wouldn’t have been feasible.

    Your 2005 post to CinePaint-dev:

    Subject: Re: [CinePaint-dev] Re: Sharing image resources across applications
    Date: Wed, 31 Aug 2005 03:12:34 +0400
    From: Alexandre Prokoudine
    To: Kai-Uwe Behrmann
    CC: Robin Rowe, CinePaint-dev

    > Alexandre,
    > the ICC profile path is described here:
    > in short:
    > ~/.color/icc for per user profiles
    > /usr/share/color/icc for system wide available profiles

    Yes, we have discussed it in create@ list and decided to move out ICC from our spec as it should be covered by OpenIcc anyway.

    Robin, I’m not sure what LSB means in this context. However, even if a user wishes to attach some resources to a project, he definitely has these resources somewhere originally. What we are trying to do is to set this “somewhere” uniform for all applications.


    It’s not my problem that you’ve been silently nursing a grudge against me since 2003 for an imagined slight.

  6. “Your last CinePaint mailing list post was in 2005.”

    I was never subscribed to any Cinepaint mailing list. I never posted there. What I’m talking about happened in 2003.

    In 2005 I did do some PR for Cinepaint, for instance – with hope to find an instant RU translator for the project. But it wasn’t happening in any of your MLs.

    What makes you post such a nonsense?

    “Since you never offered to do any work…”

    That’s plain lies. I offered RU translation.

    “The archives show that when you posted questions you got answers.”

    In just how many years? 🙂

    I contacted the project back in 2003 and only in 2005 I was contacted by Kai-Uwe when I already was too busy.

    “It’s published CinePaint mailing list policy that anyone who feels neglected on the list should email me privately to have it handled. You didn’t do that.”

    Again, I was never subscribed to any Cinepaint mailing list. Why should I care about any policy?

  7. Your last CinePaint mailing list post was in 2005. What you wanted for CinePaint was internationalization. That’s since been implemented.

    To the best of my knowledge, you’ve never made a CinePaint patch submission or done more than talk. Since you never offered to do any work, you couldn’t have been turned down.

    The archives show that when you posted questions you got answers. It’s published CinePaint mailing list policy that anyone who feels neglected on the list should email me privately to have it handled. You didn’t do that.

    CinePaint just made a release that achieved major milestones for us, so we’re doing fine thank you.

  8. Robin, I’m coming with background of a person who tried to contribute to Cinepaint years ago and was turned down due to lack of communication.

    For last several years I’ve been spending a huge amount of my personal unpaid time on talking to users about things they need from free/open source software and helping them, so any application that does the job is good for me and for them.

    What I’ve been observing over all these years with regards to FilmGIMP/Cinepaint is exactly what I stated above. (I’ve heard the same from other people who are not affiliated with GIMP in any way, but that’s another story.)

    There is no need to pretend to be able reading your thoughts – insults from you are in interviews, in your speeches at conferences (SCALE 2006, for instance) – basically, everywhere.

    This is highly disruptive for community and for the project you are leading.

    GIMP guys sure can be harsh sometimes. But at least they don’t invest years of their life into hatred.

  9. Like I said, it’s ground that’s already been covered over and over in personal attacks from GIMP zealots. I won’t say whether I agree or diaagree with your points, because I’m under no illusion that insults and hostile advice are intended to be helpful. When I won’t say what I think, it’s a typical GIMP zealot response to say they can read my thoughts, then reproach me for what they say I think. Could be just a coincidence you did that.

  10. So, anyone who doesn’t agree with you, is apparently a GIMP zealot? Well, this proves that my observation regarding you were correct. Pity.

  11. Your comment is nothing new. GIMP zealots have been personally insulting, telling me to quit, and offering unsought advice for six years. They never tire of it, apparently.

  12. Diversity of hi-end application is great. Having both Cinepaint, GIMP and Krita (and whatever may come in the future) on a plate will help each of them through natural competition since they share functionality to some extent.

    But Cinepaint needs a real project manager to really take off. By that I mean *someone but you*.

    One can’t be a great project manager if he/she tries to make a project look better by making another project look worse. And that’s exactly what you’ve been doing for years. Literally.

    Even for someone who doesn’t know all the crap about “Robin vs. GIMP developers” it feels very weird to read how much you care about HDR, maintainability, performance, automation and renderfarm grid support, while none of them is in fact working (except HDRi to some extent) and while you state that development is practically stopped, while GIMP is still under development, which anyone can see.

    Do you really think you can encourage people start contributing to your project *that* way? Well, this is *not* how project management gets done.

    Cinepaint needs a real project manager.

    Cinepaint needs someone who cares about usability and knows how to make an application look good and usable (feel free to call me a troll, but the 0.2alpha looks like a real disaster even for an alpha version).

    Cinepaint’s roadmap needs a major revision. You started the new branch with too much ambition, too many changes planned simultaneously and you ended up with a visible Nothing (by that I mean nothing that could be used in real life).

    If you proceed in small steps, providing something really useful in every release, and stop harming community, in a while you will have no reasons to claim that “The lack of resources in money and expert developers is totally frustrating”. If it’s not too late, of course.

  13. It’s not big news, but it’s still news. After six years, the GIMP maintainers are still enraged at the mention of my name.

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