Debian Maintainer Needed

> Perhaps you already know that cinepaint has been removed from ubuntu
> repositories. Upgrading from previous ubuntu version to current one
> kicked out cinepaint. What ever the reason for that is I guess it is
> against your interests. So I just wanted to make sure that you are
> informed. Hopefully we see cinepaint again in ubuntu 8.10 (october
> release).

Thank you for your note.

I don’t know who, if anyone, is our Ubuntu maintainer. It could be the Ubuntu package is based on Debian.

Our Debian maintainer retired, which knocked us out of the latest Debian because the CinePaint package wasn’t updated. We had a replacement Debian maintainer in training, but then he quit because he couldn’t sustain the effort. There’s no technical obstacle, just the usual maintainer effort required.

Until someone capable steps up to donate his time to be our Debian maintainer, it will continue to be a problem.


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