CinePaint Website Suggestions

User suggestions for improving

By Robin Rowe

HOLLYWOOD, CA ( 2012/1/8 – I’m back from London. Had a great time there and productive discussions how to improve CinePaint.  While in London I received some suggestions for improving the website. The CinePaint WordPress template I developed from scratch so it doesn’t have the crud that many of the standard templates do. That makes it easier to make changes and faster to load, but also means more testing is needed to get rid of rough edges.

  1. Make Twitter follow me banner smaller
  2. Move sponsor links higher on the page
  3. Instead of Google text ads run more banners
  4. Try separating articles with something other than dotted lines
  5. Make fonts more consistent(update CSS)
  6. Check comments work on all articles
  7. Place search bar consistently across pages
  8. Fix so text doesn’t touch pictures
  9. Link to Facebook page

Let me know anything else you notice.


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