CinePaint Website Back Online

By Robin Rowe

HOLLYWOOD, CA (CinePaint) 11/14/2010 – CinePaint’s website content from before the WordPress/Cloud migration is back online. You can find the old CinePaint documentation here:

It wasn’t as simple as copying  the pages to the new site. To move these pages required updating all the web links. The process to do this was a bit unusual. Adobe PageMill is my favorite WYSIWYG HTML editor. PageMill will correct broken links for you when you drag folders into new directories. PageMill is a 16-bit Windows program that won’t run on 64-bit Windows 7. PageMill will run under Wine on 64-bit Linux. For our PageMill CinePaint website conversion we used Ubuntu (free) running on VMPlayer (free) on 64-bit Windows 7.

In case you’re curious, here’s how we set up PageMill to run on Ubuntu in Windows 7. In Ubuntu, install Wine. Copy PageMill folder from installation CD to Linux desktop. Chmod SetUp.exe to be executable. Run SetUp.exe from Wine. Follow Windows prompts to install PageMill on Linux. What’s interesting about this setup is we’re running an obsolete 16-bit Windows program on a 64-bit Windows machine, something that’s supposed to be impossible. Without Linux, we couldn’t do it. Of course, we could have done this on a straight Linux box not running in a VMPlayer session on Windows 7.

Next on the agenda is to make a CinePaint software release. Maybe next weekend.

  1. Perhaps the weekend after? I’ve been trying to resolve the dependencies to build CinePaint for more than a week now. If I didn’t happen to be a developer I’d have no chance at all. The latest is that I need an outdated version of GTK so that I have gtk-config and it won’t build because it can’t find my installations of GLIB. This is massively frustrating – I just want to process some photographs. Can we get an official binary some time soon, please?

  2. How can I get notified when Cinepaint for Ubuntu 64 is available. I’m bummed out. I finally found the program I’ve been looking for, after a loooong search, and it’s not available for my OS. Any info on when or if this will happen would be appreciated.

  3. Hey this is cool! I am glad to see that Cinepaint is still around. I was talking with some friends online about the new open source Digital Cinema Package software ( and it brought to mind Cinepaint, since it’s the only open source HDR imaging app I can think of that runs on Linux.

    — Brett

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