CinePaint Users Group Meeting #1

CinePaint fans discuss design issues at first users group meeting in Beverly Hills

By Robin Rowe

HOLLYWOOD, CA ( 2011/12/18 – The  CinePaint Users Group held it’s first meeting at Peets Coffee, 258 South Beverly Drive, Beverly Hills, California, from 7pm to 8pm on December 12th. CinePaint project manager Robin Rowe was there, as was CinePainter QA advisor Gabrielle Pantera.

Most of the discussion was suggestions for upcoming design enhancements.

  1. Save state. Save the state of CinePaint from the last time it was run so all files and windows can be re-opened automatically.
  2. Be able to save these states as workspaces and display them as a “bingo card” window like many web browsers display at startup. Be able to pin thumbnails on bingo card so some workspaces are sticky. If not pinned, the most recent workspace is shown first as with web browsers.
  3. Push workspace states to the cloud and automatically replicate files in order to be able to continue work from home without the drudgery of packing up files.
  4. Add colorize plug-in.
  5. Add FFT plug-in.
  6. Add  C++ stack tracer and crash reporter to automatically report bugs when there are user crashes.
  7. Add “Tracing” to the menu. This is for users intimidated by layers or who just want to save a little time when doing a tracing. Clicking tracing on adds a layer called “Tracing” and ghosts the underlying layers by increasing transparency. The user can see the underlying image well enough to trace over it. Clicking Tracing again sets it to off and hides the underlying layers so you just see the tracing. This was Gabrielle Pantera’s idea.
  8. Add vibrancy brush that will intensify colors.
  9. Add “Auto-contrast” to menu. This will stretch the dynamic range of the image similar to what a user would do by hand using curves or levels.
  10. Add motion capability so layers can move across frames. Add a size/orientation component to layers so they can be resized or rotated without crunching the raster.

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