Cinepaint Thanksgiving 2011 Website Update

Cinepaint website maintenance

By Robin Rowe

Library of Congress: Postal letters for New York in 1925

Library of Congress: Postal letters for New York in 1925

HOLLYWOOD, CA ( 2011/11/28 – Taking a break from the Hollywood film and TV scene, we’re updating the CinePaint website.

  • Migrated to faster server
  • Rearranged header.php and style.css so sponsor links at top of page above google ads
  • Imported old blogger entries using {Tools}{Import}{Blogger} in WordPress
  • Added my name to apache group to make sftp easier: /sbin/usermod -a -G apache user;chmod 664 *.php *.png *.css
  • Fixed the dreaded {Previous Entries} “The requested URL /page/2/ was not found on this server” error by touching the Permalinks settings in WordPress, something to remember to do with every server migration
  • Added Download link for version 1.0
  • TO-DO: All the imported blogger picture links need to be fixed

Photo courtesy of Library of Congress. Original image.

  1. FYI. Removed these spam filters to make it easier to post to our SourceForge mailing lists.

    Content-Type: text/html
    Content-Type: multipart/alternative
    Content-Type: .*rich

  2. Alban,

    Thanks for your feedback. Your suggestion to use a stock template is not feasible because we would lose Google Adsense revenue. Will have to fix or enhance what we have.

    I’ve fixed what bugs I could see in our custom WordPress template. It’s new, so it may take a few iterations. Take a look again and let me know any suggestions.

    With any site feedback it would help to know what platform/browser.


  3. From Alban…

    Hi Robin Happy Hollidays to you too.

    Happy to see that Cinepaint is still here, but why the new site is so ugly!

    Just take a look below and especiallu on the right side. It’s not readable no more (as it was with the old site before)

    It sems that WordPress is behind that but the template is not the good one definitively or there is a bug somewhere. May I suggest you to dowload a ready made template and just put the information in it.



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