CinePaint Status and Mac OS X

Hi. Hope everyone is well.

Sorry I’ve been away from CinePaint for a while. I’ve been working long hours and have had less time for free projects. In case anyone is wondering, I’m still working on CinePaint when I can find free time.

My focus recently has been on the build system, something that’s always been a sore point with CinePaint. Because I’m spending more time on Mac OS X lately (using Final Cut Pro), that’s where I’m focusing on CinePaint now. I want the Mac release fully automated so anyone can build it from a script. That’s a bit more complicated than the script I wrote to do that on Ubuntu because every supporting lib must be downloaded and built from source on the Mac, not just the app.

On the Linux side, I thought I was going to quickly wrap a release long ago so we can get back into Ubuntu and Debian. When I did some testing I found fresh bugs in the CVS version. One that’s particularly annoying is all the windows lose their screen positions and pile on top of each other. That made it more effort than I’d expected and put me off. I did think I’d get back to it much sooner than this.

Thank you to everyone for your support.

  1. Is the project dead? All the links at the top of are dead or ads, so I'm not sure where the latest version of the project is hosted for download. Or is code being merged back into the main maybe (hopefully)?

  2. Hello

    I'm using Cinepaint 0.25 on OpenSUSE 11.2, and it's a great work. I think it will be better when CinePaint let us change brush size on the fly, like The Gimp.

    Will be this feature avaiable soon?

    Thank you

  3. Hello,
    just wanted to let you know i do have the Windows version of CinePaint on my XP platform and it runs fast and fantastic.

    No bugs yet that i can see. Not sure what you all mean by it is broken? In any case I hope to see you guys make it even greater.

    Peace and God bless your team.

    Kindest regards,
    Rod D. USA, Michigan

  4. Hey, I'm so happy to hear this. Have had a lot of trouble installing this on Ubuntu. Yet i still look forward to try it out later, this could really help my education.

  5. Yes, I would like to know, is it cinepaint still alive or it began to die?. It would be useful if you create a foundation or create a new team of developers that just focus on cinepaint. Even would be a good idea to create a foundation or something else.

  6. Has CinePaint died or is it still a live project?

    It would be nice to see that this project is alive and well for at least a year or two more (the ideal would be forever but that is wishfull thinking i guess), since GiMP seems to have decided to stay in 8bit land.

    THis is the only 16bit image editign program for linux and it's really good (much better than Gimp if you ask me).

    Please dont stop developing it!

    Youare doing a great job with it!

  7. Do you have a repository or debs I could help test? The two versions I've found have a dependency on the libopenexr2ldbl package which only exists in hardy, and crash when I try to adjust the brightness on an HDR image (loaded from a .exr output from qtpfsgui).

  8. Your work is much appreciated and cinepaint is a very useful tool!

    I'm using version 22-1 on Jaunty Jackalope 64bit edition and let me tell you it flies! I work on 250MB TIFF images and is muscles through them effortlessly.

    The trick is to use and updated HDR file from the Debian repository and after that it is a standard install. Works 100%!

  9. Nice to hear the project still has life in it. Cinepaint has been essential for my workflow with 16-bit grayscale film scans. I keep a machine at home that is still running Ubuntu Edge — I've avoided upgrading it all this time, just because of not wanting to risk any trouble reinstalling Cinepaint.

    I'd be quite pleased at this point to see a provisional package for the current (jaunty) Ubuntu, even if it contains bugs and quirks; just something that will install without dependency concerns.

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