CinePaint Procedural Brushes

<< Is there much of a community for CinePaint photo editing? >>

Image courtesy photographer Per Inge Oestmoen

Yes. Here’s our new web gallery of CinePaint pro photog user Per Inge Oestmoen.

<< How much do you care about features such as CMYK, color matching, floating point image manipulation, better tablet support and procedural brushes? >>

I care a lot. That is, as much as I dare to care about anything in CinePaint when I have no budget with which to be able to direct development or enforce schedule.

CinePaint has had floating point and CMS for many years. That’s 32-bit FP and more recently 16-bit Half. 64-bit float is a feature request to support 64-bit TIFF.

There’s limited CinePaint CMYK support in the context of CMS. Core support of exotic channel layouts such as XYZ and RGBAZ and heterogeneous mixed bit-depth images are feature requests to better support OpenEXR. That could include full CMYK support.

Wacom has supported CinePaint tablet development by providing tablets. Many other vendors have provided hardware, too. I’m our tablet tester. Our tablet developer has moved on. Would love to have help there, especially on the Mac.

The plan for brushes is to create a dll C API so C/C++ programmers can create procedural brushes as external plug-ins. Our first step toward procedural brushes could be to make our existing brushes into plug-ins, the clone brush being the hardest. Healing, vibrancy, picture tube, colorization, alpha, and selection brushes are feature requests to be implemented as procedural brush plug-ins.

Our CinePaint CMS wizard recently retired after five years of CinePaint development effort. We need someone to step up and fill his shoes.

Love you guys!


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  1. Robin I am not a developer, just a simple Linux user who loves photography. Is there any software developers who work at ILM or Pixar who would volunteer. If they use CinePaint at these shops would it not benefit them.

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