CinePaint Plans for the Future

What’s next for CinePaint

By Robin Rowe

SHEFFIELD, UK ( 2013/12/1 – I’ve been working on the development of a major online game server, nothing to do with CinePaint. My work life has been an astounding amount of crazy hours that were promised to ease up a year ago.

I still have big plans for CinePaint, plans I look forward to accomplishing in the coming year.

CinePaint’s build system complexity and UI bugs have long been our bane. First, I will merge the FLTK interface code from the experimental Glasgow branch with the existing codebase. That will cut down the overall complexity (less lines of code for the same functionality) and eliminate difficult to track down bugs in the legacy UI code. After that, I can get back to a frequent release tempo with support for Linux, FreeBSD, Mac OS X and Windows platforms.

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