CinePaint on CentOS and RedHat RHEL 6.4

Updating CentOS and RedHat support for CinePaint

by Robin Rowe

Robin Rowe at the Globe Theatre

Robin Rowe at the Globe Theatre

HOLLYWOOD, CA ( 2013/3/26 – I’m back after two weeks in London. What a great city! I saw performances of Book of Mormon, Singin in the Rain, and went on tours of Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre and of the Benjamin Franklin House. I’ll be back in the UK in November to speak in Sheffield. Haven’t nailed down exactly when or what that talk will be yet, probably on game programming.

I got this note from a CinePaint fan:

Can someone put CinePaint to Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6 for me? I had to migrate from Fedora 18 as it lost all usability. CinePaint can’t be found in any of the repositories. 

Yes, CinePaint is long overdue for an rpm update. I’m downloading CentOS 6.4 now to load into VMWare. Will have an update next week.

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