CinePaint Moves to WordPress on Cloud

Website overhaul underway at

By Robin Rowe

HOLLYWOOD, CA ( 10/30/2010 – The website migrated to the cloud servers at GigenetCloud at midnight last night. The CinePaint project and source code continue to be hosted at SourceForge. We’ll have the CinePaint documentation back online at shortly.

CinePaint is a free open source deep paint tool capable of manipulating many image file formats. It’s used in motion picture workflows to edit exr, dpx and 16-bit tiff high fidelity images and for general still image editing purposes with jpeg and png images. CinePaint has an 8/16/32-bit image processing core with a GTK2 GUI.

Although CinePaint has run on Linux, Mac and Windows, building it across those platforms is a challenge. New CinePaint build systems are being created for all platforms. Until that work is done, it will continue to be difficult to deploy CinePaint.

There are no official Linux distro packages or Mac or Windows releases at this time. There’s a Linux source tarball at SourceForge and an automatic build script that downloads and creates CinePaint from CVS on Ubuntu.

Within minutes of our new CinePaint WordPress site coming online, a visitor posted a comment wanting to know what’s happening. We appreciate the community’s obsession with CinePaint.

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  2. We have a CMake build system. We also have an Autoconf build system. The issue is that these systems demand too much expertise when a build becomes as complex as CinePaint. They consume way too much CinePaint developer time to maintain. Cmake and Autoconf may be great for other projects that have the resources to support them.

  3. You may want to consider using CMake as the cross-platform build environment. It includes CPack, which is a cross-platform installer. We use this for several of our projects, and it makes things very nice.

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