CinePaint Glasgow on Linux 64Studio

In this screenshot, Glasgow compiled from CVS is running on my desktop on the Linux 64Studio distro. Glasgow is still too incomplete to interest users, but this screenshot shows development progress. Glasgow is a rewrite of CinePaint based on FLTK, not GTK.

CinePaint Glasgow now builds on Linux using Cmake, thanks to a patch from Michel Lesoinne. Michel is from Belgium and now lives in Colorado where he does consulting in Computational Aeroelasticity. Michel modified the Glasgow blur plugin and is working on half 16-bit float support and on color scaling for a better white balance plugin.

I took care of some portability issues so Glasgow still builds with VC++ on Windows. The code uses opendir() and dlopen(), rather than the Windows FindFirst() and LoadLibrary() calls. This is handled transparently by my POSIX libunistd thin wrapper library that makes Windows file system and socket calls POSIX compatible. The policy in all CinePaint code is to use the standard Linux POSIX calls, to avoid #ifdef WIN32 code blocks in application code.

  1. I don’t understand exactly al the terms you use in your blog, but a new sign of life is making me happy 🙂 CinePaint is a project in which i’m very interested because of the good features.
    Keep up the good work!

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