What is the big change in Glasgow?

Everything. Glasgow was created at the University of Glasgow with funding from the EU. Glasgow isn’t based on GIMP.


  • GUI uses FLTK, not GTK as in GIMP. Pretty, high performance GUI.
  • Renderfarm-compatible headless operation.
  • Flat raster buffer for simplicity/performance, not tiled like GIMP.
  • Support for 8-bit, 16-bit, 32-bit, 64-bit, and vector channels.
  • Mixed channels, e.g., 16-bit and 32-bit channels in the same image as needed for OpenEXR.
  • Uses libunistd so that unix code builds as-is on Windows. Single unix-style codebase without ifdefs. No visible WIN32 API calls.
  • New plug-in architecture. Plug-ins launch dll-style, not spawn like with GIMP.
  • Glasgow plug-ins will be compatible for use in After Effects.
  • C++ code throughout, except for exposed C plug-in API.
  • Much easier to understand, test and debug.


  • CinePaint Glasgow deep paint tool
  • img_img command line tool something like ImageMagick convert
  • hdr_display based on OpenEXR exrdisplay
  • open_image, a shared memory image server
  • CineCalc calculator
  • Flixi movie/DVD player based on Xine
  • 3D modeling tools based on sharpconstruct and ewave
  • Webclock time synchronization
  • Mickey hex editor
  • Monica monitor calibration
  • Splat image editor based on antipaint
  • Yage gradient editor
  • Scanner tool based on flscan
  • Photo sorter based on flphoto
  • Video editing based on shotcut
  • Audio tools TBD

Everything except open_image has significant pieces implemented. Except for CinePaint Glasgow and img_img, there’s a lot of experimental code not in CVS yet.

Will the initial release include a Windows version?

Yes, Windows is my primary development platform.

How stable is it?

It’s very stable where I’ve tested, but not stable where I haven’t. I’m crawling through img_img in the debugger now. I’m still making architecture changes there and porting plug-ins. The Glasgow plug-ins I’m working on now are PPM, SGI, DPX, and OpenEXR.

After releasing img_img I’ll go back to crawling through CinePaint Glasgow in the debugger. CinePaint Glasgow will release with hacked Film Gimp plug-ins for JPEG, PNG and TIFF. Then there will be an integration so all the plug-ins are Glasgow.


  1. Thanks for doing this. CinePaint sounds like a boon for us amateurs/budding/independent filmmaker who have a story to tell but couldn’t afford otherwise.

    You rock, man.

  2. Can’t wait … the release announcement says 15 december. But like a child that’s waiting for his christmasgifts i see that there’s no new release … :’-(

  3. I’ve been looking forward to Glasgow for a very long time. I can’t find any information on it so I’ll ask here. Is an Intel OSX verison planned? I assume it is, but I’m hoping it comes out within the same launch period as the windows or I’ll just cry. 😉 Will it be an Aqua app or will it use something like X11? Will it support wacom tablets in osx? Wacom support is pretty much a fundamental must-have for an image editing app. I only ask such a specific question because there are pretty much NO open source image editors on the mac platform that support wacom. Mainly because they use X11 and pressure sensitive information appartantly cannot be passed through the X11 layer. 🙁 Anyway, can’t wait for Glasgow. It looks to have the potential to make some serious inroads into the film graphics market and I cant wait to start integrating it into my pipeline. Thanks for all the hard work!

  4. Cant wait for Cinepaint Glasgow! It sounds awesome! I’ve got XP so its the only version of the cinepaint that I’ll be able to use. I’ve got a quick question, will the GUI of Cinepaint Glasgow be more similar to GIMP or Adobe Photoshop? I want to be as familiar with the interface as possible when it comes out.

  5. Appreciate all the support. What I really need is an office assistant so I have more time to do C++!


  6. Some nice features 😀
    What’s holding the final release anyway?
    I mean, it’s been delayed a few times.
    Just curious. My C/C++ skills are just too green to help out and I don’t have enough free time either, but the project itself looks very good.

  7. It certainly will be a very impressive program. But the december deadline has passed. Any temptative release date?

  8. Robin,
    I was wondering the same thing, now I am wondering how all this tools work togheter. i am looking foward to this new edition of cinepaint.

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