Thanksgiving and CinePaint

Happy Thanksgiving. I’m thankful to be making progress on CinePaint and life in general. I appreciate all the support everyone has given me.

I had a Compaq WinXP laptop hard drive crash this week and a Linux ftp server go down. All fixed now, but lost some time. By the way, if you’re running Fedora vsftpd make sure it’s set to chroot in /etc/vsftpd/vsftpd.conf.

Compaq laptops are sure sweet to replace a drive in. Two screws to pop a cover off the bottom, give the drive a tug, and it pops right out. Got a new Seagate 120gb drive at Circuit City for $120. Mounted the old laptop drive in a Linux server (using a 2.5 to 3.5 IDE adapter). Although the OEM 2-year-old Fujitsu drive wouldn’t boot Windows XP anymore and made chirping noises, it was good enough to allow me to copy all the data off. That particular Linux box had SUSE 10, but it gave me so much grief figuring out how to install SAMBA that it was faster to reformat into Debian 3.1 and install SWAT. The new Seagate drive has 5-year warranty which is nice.

I’m testing the new img_img PPM plug-in, which I hope to complete tomorrow (Thanksgiving). I have some work to do on the SGI plug-in after that which seems almost done, then on to the DPX plug-in. After that I want to do some debugging on Glasgow itself and roll an alpha Windows release.



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