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Watch Live Here: 41st Annie Animation Awards Hosted by Patrick Warburton

Top honors in animation named tonight in live broadcast from UCLA Royce Hall, watch it here live

By Robin Rowe

HOLLYWOOD, CA (Gosh!Radio) 2014/2/1 – Watch the Annies live here at 7pm PST!

Live television stream recommended by Gosh!TV
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Guest Presenters include Mariska Hargitay, Cloris Leachman & Richard Dreyfuss

BURBANK, CA (January 27, 2014) – Patrick Warburton is set to host the animation industry’s

most prestigious night — the 41st Annual Annie Awards — on Saturday, February 1 at UCLA’s Royce Hall.

Joining him on stage will be a lively mix of animation luminaries, celebrity presenters and comedic talent including actors Mariska Hargitay, Cloris Leachman, Ariel Winter, Josh Gad and director Rob Minkoff.

Also assisting with presenter duties will be animation legend June Foray and voice actors Bill Farmer,Tom Kenny and Nancy Cartwright.

“The Annie Awards is our major event each year and it seems that its profile keeps rising along with the widening influence of animation,” says ASIFA-Hollywood President, Frank Gladstone. I love the event and look forward each year to the fun and surprises that the awards always deliver.”

This year’s Winsor McCay recipients are Katsuhiro Otomo, Steven Spielberg and Phil Tippett. The Winsor McCay Award stands as one of the highest honors given to an individual in the animation industry in recognition for career contributions to the art of animation. The June Foray award will be presented to Alice Davis and the Ub Iwerks Award will be presented to Dragonframe. The Special Achievement award will be presented to the Creative Talent Network (CTN) and Certificate of Merit to the documentary “I Know That Voice.”

Live streaming begins at 7 p.m. PST. VIP Tickets are sold out.For up-to-the minute details on the 41st Annual Annie Awards, please visit

Host & Presenters for the 41st Annie Awards

Saturday, February 1, 2014 – UCLA’s Royce Hall, Los Angeles, CA

Often a predictor of the annual Academy Award for Best Animated Feature, the Annie Awards honor overall excellence as well as individual achievement in a total of 30 categories ranging from best feature, production design, character animation, and effects animation to storyboarding, writing, music, editing and voice acting. Entries submitted for consideration were from productions that originally aired, were exhibited in an animation festival or commercially released between January 1 and December 31, 2013.

ASIFA-Hollywood is the world’s first and foremost professional organization dedicated to promoting the Art of Animation and celebrating the people who create it. Today, ASIFA-Hollywood, the largest chapter of the international organization ASIFA, supports a range of animation activities and preservation efforts through its membership. Current initiatives include the Animation Archive, animation film preservation, special events, classes and screenings.

Created in 1972 by veteran voice talent June Foray, the Annie Awards have grown in scope and stature for the past four decades.

For information on ASIFA-Hollywood, please visit For information on the Annie Awards, please visit

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CinePaint Plans for 2014

What’s next for CinePaint

By Robin Rowe

SHEFFIELD, UK ( 2013/12/1 – I’ve been working on the development of a major online game server, nothing to do with CinePaint. My work life has been an astounding amount of crazy hours that were promised to ease up a year ago.

I still have big plans for CinePaint, plans I look forward to accomplishing in the coming year.

CinePaint’s build system complexity and UI bugs have long been our bane. First, I will merge the FLTK interface code from the experimental Glasgow branch with the existing codebase. That will cut down the overall complexity (less lines of code for the same functionality) and eliminate difficult to track down bugs in the legacy UI code. After that, I can get back to a frequent release tempo with support for Linux, FreeBSD, Mac OS X and Windows platforms.

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CinePaint Project Manager Speaking in Sheffield on Dec 4th

Linux game server design seminar at Sheffiend, England

By Robin Rowe

SHEFFIELD, UK ( 2013/12/1 – Game developers and Linux software developers may be interested to attend my free seminar. Details below.

Games are the hot sector for start-ups in entertainment. The fastest growing game in 2012 reached 50 million downloads in just 50 days. Game clients are typically small programs written in iOS or Android for running on phones, but servers must scale and be resilient. Massively multi-user servers are not easy to get right, as we have seen recently with the Obamacare server crisis. We’ll discuss multi-player game server design, the challenges, the obstacles and solutions.

The Department of Computing Seminar Series
Dec. 4th, 2013, 1pm-2pm

Cantor Building
Sheffield Hallam University
153 Arundel Street
Sheffield S1 2NU

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Building CinePaint on CentOS and Release 1.0-4

How-to for building CinePaint on CentOS O.S. from CVS or source tarball

By Robin Rowe

HOLLYWOOD, CA ( 2013/5/8 – Release 1.0-4 builds on CentOS/RHEL 6.4. Tarball and i686 rpm at SourceForge. I dropped the 1.3 and 1.2 releases because make rpm prefers 1.0-4 notation.

Here are notes on desktop CentOS operating system installation. Once we have that installed we will want to access SourceForge CVS. There are two ways to do that, anonymous and read-write (if you are a member of the CinePaint developer team).

Anonymous CVS

$ cvs login

$ cvs -z3 co -P cinepaint-project

Read-Write CVS

$ export CVS_RSH=ssh
$ cvs -z3 checkout cinepaint-project

SSH Identity Keys

Developers who don’t want to enter their password over and over whenever making a CVS change will need an identity key.

$ ssh-keygen -C your@email.address

This creates the files .identity and in your .ssh directory. If you use more than one computer, you’ll to copy these files to each one. Next, copy the pub file to SF.

$ scp .ssh/

Next, ssh to SF and rename file.

$ ssh -l username

$ mv .ssh/authorized_keys

Logout and ssh again. You shouldn’t be asked for a password.

Building CinePaint

Install necessary developer libraries first.

# yum install lcms-devel libtiff-devel libpng-devel libjpeg-devel openexr-devel fltk-devel gutenprint-devel libXmu-devel

$ cd cinepaint-project/cinepaint

$ sh

$ sh

Configuration Results

GTK CinePaint Version 1.0.0

General dependencies:
Gtk2 toolkit                 yes    2.18.9
DnD support                  yes    X11/Xmu
littleCMS                    yes    lcms 1.19
Oyranos                      no

Plug-ins with external dependencies:
Python plug-in:              yes    python2.6
OpenEXR plug-in:             yes    OpenEXR 1.6.1
Tiff plug-in:                yes
PNG plug-in:                 yes    libpng 1.2.49
Jpeg plug-in:                yes
Print plug-in:               yes    Gutenprint 5.2.5
FLTK dependent plug-ins:     yes    bracketing_to_hdr collect pdf
Thread dependent plug-ins:   yes    icc_examin
Flex dependent plug-ins:     yes    iol

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CinePaint on CentOS and RedHat RHEL 6.4

Updating CentOS and RedHat support for CinePaint

by Robin Rowe

Robin Rowe at the Globe Theatre

Robin Rowe at the Globe Theatre

HOLLYWOOD, CA ( 2013/3/26 – I’m back after two weeks in London. What a great city! I saw performances of Book of Mormon, Singin in the Rain, and went on tours of Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre and of the Benjamin Franklin House. I’ll be back in the UK in November to speak in Sheffield. Haven’t nailed down exactly when or what that talk will be yet, probably on game programming.

I got this note from a CinePaint fan:

Can someone put CinePaint to Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6 for me? I had to migrate from Fedora 18 as it lost all usability. CinePaint can’t be found in any of the repositories. 

Yes, CinePaint is long overdue for an rpm update. I’m downloading CentOS 6.4 now to load into VMWare. Will have an update next week.

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